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Midface $1500 (cheeks/under eyes/jawline)
Neck $1400
Forehead $1200 (brow)
Any 2 areas $1950 (full face)
All 3 areas $2250

ASK ABOUT SPECIAL THERMAGE DAYS where up to an additional 15% discounts available off listed prices. (Subject to availability)

What is the Thermage® procedure? The Thermage® procedure is an FDA approved procedure to tighten skin. It is not a laser, but uses radiofrequency energy to uniformly heat the lower dermis to cause collagen contraction and remodeling. Ultherapy is a similar treatment but uses focused ultrasound to get deeper tissue structure to help tighten and LIFT skin.* ThermiTight is a minimally invasive treatment for those individual who want/need more tightening then Thermage or Ultherapy can provide.

How long is the treatment? It depends on how many areas are treated, but usually takes 30 to 60 minutes*.

When will I see the results? Some patients will have immediate results, but most people will see the results gradually over the next 2-6 months.*

How long do the results last? In general the results are lasting at least two years.*

Is there any bruising, bleeding or downtime? No. The procedure is non-ablative. There is no cutting. You can return to normal activities that day.*

Is it safe? Radiofrequency energy has been used in medical procedures for many years with an excellent safety profile. In FDA trials there were less than 1% of associated side effects. The most common is a slight burning of the skin, similar to a sunburn.*

Am I a candidate? Most individuals are candidates regardless of color, age or previous procedures. In fact, the only contraindications are pregnancy and implanted hardware devices (pacemakers/defibrillators)*

How many treatments will I need? The vast majority of people need only one treatment. However, your doctor will assess if additional treatments are required to achieve optimal results.*

Does it hurt? Every individual has a different threshold for pain tolerance, but your doctor will seek optimal treatment levels with acceptable pain. Patients usually feel a cooling spray followed by a brief sensation of heat in the treatment site, followed by a cooling spray again. We use a cold air chiller which help limit any discomfort.*

What areas can be treated? The four most common areas are the mid-face (below eyes to chin), the neck, forehead areas, and peri-orbital (around the eyes).Prices range from $1200 - $1500 per area. Multiple areas treated receive over a $500 discount.

COST $1500-$3700 depending on treated area (determined at consultation).

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary, no guarentees





Photos courtesy of Thermage® trained physicians

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*Disclaimer: As with all medical treatments, no guarantees & individual results may vary

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