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What is ThermiTight Procedure? The procedure is a revolutionary FDA approved treatment to tighten skin. It has been called a "tweener" meaning its somewhat in between a non invasive laser treatment and an invasive surgical facelift. It is a ONE time 1 hour session that places the radiofrequency wand UNDER the skin to cause skin to tighten. Dr Varano will create 3 small openings the size of a small needle puncture (1 behind each ear and 1 under the chin area about the size of this symbol...ΓΈ) these will close on their own without sutures leaving minimal to no incisional markings. Through the sites, you will receive safe local anesthetic fluid which will numb the treatment area. The radiofrequency wand is placed under the skin and then reach optimal temperature to cause the skin to tighten immediately and over the next few months. During the treatment a military technology infrared heat seeking camera views the skin structures above and below the skin to record and give Dr Varano the information to use the ideal temperature for treatment. Dr. Varano also serves as a luminary physician for ThermiRF Company which involves teaching other physicians safe and effective treatments using Thermitight. Patients are pleasantly surprised with the minimal discomfort/no pain involved during the treatment and the ease of the recovery phase.*


What Areas Can Be Treated? Generally the lower face areas along the jawline, jowl area and cheek areas are treated and the submental/neck area are the main areas treated on the face. If you are looking to treat the upper/midface area, please look into our Silhouette Instalift page. We can also treat areas on the body such as loose skin on the arms, abdomen, and front of the legs/thighs.*

What is the Recovery/Downtime? You can resume normal activity after the procedure, but will experience some post treatment swelling for a few days along with possible bruising. Most patients experience zero to very little bruising. Neck compression garment is worn just for the first 24 hours. Most people are back to work in a few days. NO post operative pain medication is needed. Expert opinions expect results to last 3-5 years.*

What are the costs? Lower face alone $2500; Lower face + jawline $2700; neck alone $2750; neck + lower face $3750. For Body areas skin tightening & necklift candidates we now suggest J-Plasma renuvion body & neck contouring click for more info.*

What other treatments can ThemiRF system provide? The thermi system also provide:

ThermiSmooth: Non invasive use of Radiofrequency for around the eyes, brow, etc. Series of 3 recommended spaced apart every 1-2 weeks. Painless, non invasive, no downtime. $1000 for 3, or $400 /session.


ThermiVA: non invasive use for Overactive bladder leakage, vaginal dryness, limited orgasmic dysfunction or vaginal rejuvenation for treating loose vaginal skin. Click on ThermiVA page for more info.
Thermidry: Use for overactive sweating (hyperhydrosis) to reduce sweat glands in the underarm area


ThermiTight for lower face and neck*

Patients Treated by Dr Varano for neck & lower face treatments

This 59 year old patient was treated with a combination of Thermitight and J plasma results 3 months after 

* individual results may vary

ThermiTight for Loose Abdomen skin

ThermiTight for legs

* Disclaimer: individual results may vary, no guarantees