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Kindly provide 24 hour notice for ALL cancellations/rescheduling/no shows otherwise subject to non negotiable $50 fee 
48 Hour notice for  45+ minutes appointments 
Deposits required for 45+ minute appointments/ $100 - $300 charge for no show fees & cancellation violations this includes Coolsculpting/Thermiva / ulthera /thermitight/laser treatments  
$300 Non refundable Deposit for Laser Liposuction 
LIVING SOCIAL/GROUPON DEAL clients 24 notice or will count as ONE treatment session or $50 fee
Credit cards numbers are kept on hold for all appointments. Cards are NOT charged unless a policy violation occurs


LivingSocial/Groupon Coupon clients late arrival for appointment subject to forfeiture 
(PROMPT ARRIVAL is important and only courteous to others as on time arrival limits the possibility the clients following your session will not be waiting

Expired Coupon Policy:

 If you have purchased a series of 3 or 6 treatments, once coupon activated ( i.e. your first treatment) you have 12 months to complete the series from activation date. If you have missed the expiration date and your coupon expired, you may still use the coupon for the monetary value you have paid as a deduction from regular treatment cost. For example, if you have purchased a coupon for 3 laser hair removal treatments at $165 and it unused and now expired, you may do a regular priced laser hair removal service and deduct the cost of the coupon. A regular bikini is $160, which you can apply the $165 coupon toward one treatment session.  In this example, you will have one session in exchange for the expired coupon


WHAT IF MY COUPON HAS REACHED THE EXPIRATION DATE AND I STILL HAVE 1 or 2  SESSIONS REMAINING? Per the coupon, the policy states all  sessions must be competed within 12 months of the start /activation date. This should be sufficient amount of time to complete the series whether you purchased 3 or 6 sessions. If there is any unused portion, you may apply the unused monetary value as a coupon off the regular treatment price. For Example if you have used 1 of your 3 sessions for a bikini laser hair removal, and have 2 remaining unused sessions. You can use the remaining 2 sessions to count as a $110 coupon off the regular price. This figure comes for the total of unused portion, if you paid $165 for 3 sessions, then each session is $55 value ($165 divide by 3 = $55). So 2 unused sessions would be $110 coupon, and 1 unused session would be a $55 coupon. This coupon can then be applied to the REGULAR price of a bikini treatment ($160 (regular bikini) - $110(unused portion of 2 sessions) = $50 cost to client

HIPAA POLICY ( Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act ) CLICK HERE