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What is BOTOX® or Dysport ®? Treatment with any neuromodulators are a simple nonsurgical procedure used to reduce lines and wrinkles in the brow area, frown lines, and crow’s feet. One ten minute treatment--a few tiny injections--relaxes the muscles that cause these deep lines. Botox® also be used to reduce underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis), but see our webpage on MiraDry as a better option  for long term reduction for underarm hyperhidrosis.*

How long does it last? In most individuals, all neuromodulators will last 31/2  to 41/2  months depending on treated area, in some individuals it may last longer. Its effects may be seen as early as two days after injection. After receiving repeated treatments  the effects usually last longer--in some cases, six months and longer between repeated treatments.*

What are the potential side effects? Side effects are rare, but the most common include bruising and temporary headache. A very small percentage of individuals may develop a ptosis (eyelid drooping), but this is temporary and amendable with prescription eye drops.*

Is the treatment painful? Discomfort is minimal. Once the injection is completed, there is usually no discomfort.*

Are there any contraindications to receiving BOTOX®  or Dysport®? The only true contraindications are current pregnancy/lactating, a history of neuromuscular disease (myasthenia gravis), or active skin infection in the treatment area.*

What areas are typically treated and associated prices? The three most common areas are 1) frown lines, 2) forehead (brow)lines, and 3 ) Crow's feet. (pictures below). Treatments are priced "by area" or by units and range as follows: 1 area=$285-$350. 2 areas= $525-575, all 3 areas =$675-750. Prices per area are not "set in stone", some people choose to do all 3 areas for the price of 2 areas which is frequently done, but we will use the same amount of botox for 2 areas and spread it over 3 areas. You are really paying "per unit", but because many people do not know how many units are needed, it is easier to delineate by treatment areas. Some people may choose to have a "less frozen look " or " more movement ". This can be accomplished with injecting less units and/or more dilute Botox, which you will pay less than what is listed . Per units cost is approximately $15-$17 per unit of Botox or $5/unit of Dysport,  depending on number areas treated. Botox can also be used in other areas such as the masseter muscle, lip lines, bunny lines (bridge of nose), & underarms to limit sweating.* Dr. Varano has been performing injections on a daily basis for over 16 years.

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Treatment of Forehead Lines*


* individual results may vary

Treatment of Frown Lines*


* individual results may vary

Treatment of Crows Feet*


* Disclaimer: As with all medial treatments there are no guarantees and individual results may vary