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Coolsculpting Washington DC & Virginia

One of the first practices in DC area to offer Coolsculpting since 2011. We  are exclusive providers of Advanced Coolsculpting PLUS & perform the most combined Liposuction & Coolsculpting treatments in Washington DC than any other practice. Prices listed below.

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WE OFFER COOLSCULPTING in 2 locations: our DC LOCATION &  in  McLEAN VIRGINIA (DC location Monday thru Friday...Virginia:Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays)

CoolSculpting SPECIAL- now $600/cycle*
Call 202-621-8675 to schedule a complimentary consultation with our physician or click here to Request an Appointment. Alternatively you can do one from your home computer read info below. Group and Active Military discounts available. Package Discounts available 4+ areas 10-20%off. Price list below

Coolsculpting is an FDA approved non surgical, non invasive treatment used to spot reduce fatty tissue or bulges. It gently and effectively reduces fat in targeted treated areas. It freezes away fat cells, causing a natural and gradual programmed cell death (termed apoptosis) and does not harm surround tissues or skin. There is no recovery time. It is very advantageous for the prospective patient to be evaluated in consultation by a Physician (NOT a non medical professional) who regularly performs BOTH Liposuction & Coolsculpting, In addition we perform body skin tightening procedures and understand the anatomy to treat all your concerns. If a business offers only one option for treating fat they will tend to push that on patients weather they are an ideal candidate or not. Dr Varano can provide you a full perspective of treatment options & expert opinion to meet your desired goals.*
In addition by fully understanding the anatomy Dr Varano can better determine your candidacy and the likelihood of treatment success. Years of practice and evaluation of fatty tissue versus skin or muscle laxity (diastasis), visceral fat, fibrous tissue, or worse yet not discovering a hidden hernia is something a Non medical personnel can not evaluate properly for you and can cause harm should you do a treatment. Post childbirth leads to many of these issues, which needs proper assessment and not indiscriminately  presumed to be "fat". You will see some before/after pictures below that were performed exclusively by our practice.*

WHAT IS ADVANCED COOLSCULPTING PLUS? Combination treatments are used commonly in cosmetic surgery. We can combine Coolsculpting plus our minimally invasive J -Plasma treatments which helps tighten loose skin. Results are more dramatic than Coolsculpting alone. We are the only practice in DC , Maryland and Virginia that offer such an option. Pictured below is a patient who had his love handles treated with Coolsculpting & J -Plasma.*

*individual results may vary

WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE PROCEDURE? An applicator device of varying sizes (see pricing  below for more details) is placed on the treatment site and the device draws up the bulge of fatty tissue in between two cooling panels. For the first 5 minutes you will feel a pull or tug on the skin area as the skin slowly becomes cooled. The treatment cycle is 35 minutes-1 hour long to treat the intended area.*

WHAT AREAS CAN BE TREATED? Treated areas include abdomen (upper or lower), love handles, bra/back fat, inner or outer thighs/saddlebags, arms & Double chins. Unless its an upper or lower abdomen, most other treatments will consist of 2 sites, a “right” and “left” site.*

ABDOMEN has 3 main areas( upper, lower and lovehandles)
WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? As the panels start cooling, the patient feels a tugging sensation for the first 5 minutes or so, as the skin is cooled this sensation will dissipate. There is no need for anesthesia or pain medication. Each treatment cycle is 35 minutes-1 hour per site, most patients watch TV, read a magazine, use their cell phones, or quietly rest.*

AM I A CANDIDATE? Best candidates are individuals who are close to their ideal body weight and have small fatty bulges resistant to diet and exercise. Candidates have to understand this is not a replacement for Liposuction, as the results rendered will be less dramatic. Ideal individuals whose BMI (Body Mass Index) are below 30 will be considered for candidacy. It is very advantageous for the prospective patient to be evaluated in consultation by a physician who regularly performs BOTH Liposuction & Coolsculpting to give you a full perspective of treatment options to meet your desired goals. We perform many Laser Liposuction cases in our practice for more information visit our  Slimlipo page.  If your problem is deemed to be mostly loose skin, you will likely benefit from our J -Plasma Body Contouring treatment.*

WHAT ARE THE RESULTS & RECOVERY?The results are usually apparent by 6 weeks and continue to improve for the first 3 months after the treatment session. Studies show an average of 20-25% of the fat layer can be reduced with a treatment session. If more reduction is desired, additional sessions on the same area can be performed at 3 month intervals. In general laser liposuction can remove about 60-80% of the fat layer. Coolsculpting  has had over 80% patient satisfaction rates on review sites. See our "Cool Rebate Guarantee"below. Recovery has no downtime, you can return to work or exercise immediately. Patients may experience redness for a few hours, temporary tingling or numbness for a few days* 


Cost is based on treatment area(s)/Applicator sizes : range $600- $1200 per area, additional treatments receive additional discounted prices. CoolSculpting SPECIAL- now $600/site*(Regular body applicator)  
  • For proper fit most treatments involve the "Regular" size applicator $600/site which is 3 x 7 inches....  approximately the size of a  large iPhone 7plus or the large Android phones. This will usually cover each lovehandle, upper abdomen/ some lower abdomens, inner thighs, back of thighs, arms, knees, bra/back areas. (Most treatment areas will have 2 sites for example: a right lovehandle and left lovehandle)
  • The Larger applicator (4 x 12 inches) can properly fit on the lower abdomen in about 30-40% of clients and costs more but because we charge less than what is permitted by the Zeltiq company we can not put this figure in print but you can call for pricing.
  • Treatment with the coolmini for the chin/neck area is $750/session
  • Outer Thigh/Saddlebag treatment $750/site (each side takes 1.25 hours/site). 
  • Military and Group Discounts available. Package discounts 4+ areas 10-20% off.  The Coolsculpting company regulates the pricing that can be advertised and $600 is rock bottom price permitted for Regular applicator, so other practices will not advertise lower than $600 (if so, then its not Coolsculpting).*

WANT A FREE CONSULT ANYTIME WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER?Just email 2 pictures (Frontal view & side view similar to the pictures below) of the area(s) you intend to treat, include your weight & height to Mcelaser@gmail.com provide a phone number list "Coolsculpting" in the subject line and Dr Varano will call you back to discuss your options, treatment expectations, pricing etc. Our staff can also accommodate Spanish & French speaking clients. A follow up traditional consult will be provided upon office visit before your treatment. All Consults done at our Mclean Virginia location are with our surgical assistant Wendy Bojorquez. Dr Varano will personally review all candidates/cases.

WHAT IS THE "COOL REBATE GUARANTEE"? Developed uniquely by Medical Cosmetic Enhancements. Because results may vary among individuals, we understand that some individuals may hope to seek more dramatic results than coolsculpting can provide in one session. Any funds you paid for your coolsculpting session, you can receive 50% of that fee rebated/credited on any future Laser Liposuction procedure performed to that same problematic area.

For example if you paid a total of $1200 for coolsculpting performed to abdomen, and after 3 months , you were hoping to see more dramatic reduction, we would credit you $600 (50% of the coolsculpting price you paid) toward future laser liposuction done on the abdomen.*

Some people may choose to do a full transformation plan with multiple treatment areas/cycles. Why spend thousands of dollars without the peace of mind knowing that the results will be exactly what your looking for? That is why we offer this rebate guarantee, for peace of mind and knowledge that exclusively at our office we can achieve your goals, without wasting funds to find out you may need additional Coolsculpting. Providers who only offer coolsculpting, can only offer "more coolsculpting".*


Coolsculpting is best suited for fat bulges and is not a substitute for liposuction. Though we do get individuals that do not want to have any invasive treatments. We generally recommend it for individuals with a BMI <27, and a few trouble spot areas. For larger individuals Coolsculpting can be used for "Lipo-Like" results but will generally require multiple treatment sessions. Obviously every individual is different and he/she must choose which is the best fit for their goals, lifestyle, budget, etc. Here at Medical Cosmetic Enhancements we seek to achieve your goals, we offer several ways to treat your stubborn fat and ultimately you will come up with a potential treatment plan with Dr Varano after your consultation. If you are not a candidate for any numerous possible reasons as previously mentioned , we will let you know that during the consultation and alternative surgical or non surgical treatments maybe suggested. Below is a comparison of Coolsculpting vs Laser Liposuction when treating a Full abdomen(both Upper and Lower abdomen) and Flanks*

Coolsculpting Abdomen 4 months after 1 treatment by Medical Cosmetic*

Before/After Photos /One or Two treatment area(s) (Photos courtesy of Zeltiq Aesthetics)*

* individual results may vary

* individual results may vary


*Individual results may vary


2 Neck treatments performed by Medical Cosmetic after 3 months

*individual results may vary


One Treatment by Medical Cosmetic/Dr Varano Saddlebags after 4 months

Before and after Zeltiq treatment ( 5 weeks) done on Dr Varano*

* Disclaimer: As with all medical treatments there are no guarantees and individual results may vary