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What is ThermiVA? ThermiVA is an FDA approved device that utilizes radiofrequency in a temperature controlled system for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening. It is a in office non invasive 30 minute procedure with no recovery that uses a special wand applied externally to labia and vulvar tissues to restore normal tissue tone and function. The applicator maybe used internally to the vagina to restore atrophic tissue, nerves and muscles. Treatment is described as a warm massage feeling. It is an excellent non surgical, no pharmaceutical option for post childbirth and peri/post menopausal issues. All treatments are performed by our female medical staff and initial consults do not require a physical examination.*

Who is a good candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation*? Women who have:
  • Leaky Bladder....overactive bladder or stress incontinence. No More Kegel exercises!
  • Dry Vaginal Issues....aka atrophic vulvovaginitis**/painful intercourse commonly occurs postmenopausal
  • Orgasmic Disorders ... difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Fallen Bladder... bladder prolapse common after childbirth
  • Loose Vaginal Appearance.. can have tighter restorative appearance.
  • Any Females ( especially post childbirth) who have any of the above issues and do not want surgery or daily pharmaceutical drugs.
What can you expect from a treatment?*
  • No Surgery, No downtime, No anesthesia
  • Comfortable in office sessions
  • 1-3 sessions spaced apart 1 month intervals
  • Noticeable improvements after 1st or 2nd session
  • May resume regular sexual relations same day
  • Long lasting results

How does ThermiVA treat Bladder leakage, urinary stress incontinence and Overactive Bladder?
Stress incontinence results from poor support of the urethra from weakened pubocervical tissue. This tissue fails to act like a backboard for the urethra to become compressed when coughing/sneezing/exercise.(Similar to an old floppy bed mattress with no support). Stress incontinence also can occur because of poorly contracting urethral muscles. Anything that affects the tissue or muscles can lead to urinary leakage.
ThermiVA contracts the pubocervical tissue to cause a firmer backboard, which provides a pressure floor upwards to compress the urethra that is getting pushed downward (Similar to a new much firmer bed mattress) The radiofrequency has healing effects on the muscles, tissues and nerves. So it brings stretched out muscles into a tighter stronger unit to increase pressure when contracted to improve the continence mechanism of the urethra.
Lastly, when dealing with Overactive Bladder (OAB) the healing effects on the nerves allow them to become more sensitive to pressure changes and contract tighter. These nerves that have been injured by previous childbirth or menopausal changes will no longer be overactive or spastic. Those who suffered from overactive bladder will now feel a reduction in the need to urinate frequently or suddenly.*

How does ThermiVA treat Vaginal Dryness?
The radiofrequency affects the vaginal nerves by increasing the release of vasoactive peptides. This causes vasodilatation of the arteries on the vulva/vagina/clitoral and G spot areas. This increase in blood flow is similar to the effect of Viagra in males. This helps increase vaginal dryness, improves orgasmic dysfunction and balances vaginal PH to lower incidence of UTI's/yeast infections etc.*

How does ThermiVA help with the appearance of loose vaginal laxity?
Radiofrequency has been used for many years to help tighten collagen, loose skin and build additional collagen. You should notice an immediate improvement once the treatment is completed and will have additional tightening over the next several months. To view before/after photos (pictures reveal nudity and you must be over 18 years old*) click here

What is the cost? 1-3 sessions are recommended depending on each patients condition, Each session is $1000. 10% Off Package of 3. Yearly or biannual maintenance is required for optimal results. At this time insurance does not cover the costs of treatments. ThermiVA currently has a 96% positive "worth it" rating, click on Realself.comto read reviews.* We offer free consults in office or if more convenient a phone consult can be done with Dr Varano. Just call our office 202-621-8675 or click to request a consult.

Why is ThermiVA superior to other Vaginal Rejuvenation Lasers?
Basically ThermiVA permits more tightening, more comfort ( no anesthesia required), No downtime or recovery than other systems. For more info you can click here*

Watch video on ThermiVa treatment process*
* Disclaimer:Individual results may vary, no guarantees
** ThermiVA is FDA cleared for dermatological and surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis, its efficacy for conditions such as vulvovaginitis have not been fully evaulated. 

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