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Silhouette Instalift

NOVEMBER SPECIAL Midface treatment $2500 ($1000 off regular)

WHAT IS THE SILHOUETTE INSTALIFT? Used in Europe for many years, and FDA approved in the US in 2015 the Silhouette Instalift is a minimally invasive alternative to a traditional facelift. It is an in office procedure that takes 45 minutes to perform. Instalift helps address volume loss and skin laxity by using biodegradable sutures and cones made of poly lactic acid, which is used in a well know product called Sculptra. Specially formulated dissolvable sutures with bidirectional cones are used to mechanically fix and lift deep tissue until collagen production ensures tissue fixation from the sculptra produced cones. There are no incisions or anesthesia used, only 3 small botox needle size injections of lidocaine, so the patient does not feel anything during the treatment.*

This material slowly disintegrates as the body creates scar tissue, to provide a natural and precision controlled lifting effect for safe and effect results. This results in a long lasting effects without side effects of previous versions known as the thread lift.*

* individual results may vary

WHAT AREAS CAN BE TREATED?Currently the midface is FDA approved and the most common treatment area. But the treatment can be used for the jowls/lower face, neck and brow areas. All which will have full FDA approval in the near future.*

HOW DOES THE TREATMENT WORK? The treatment has TWO benefits. First, the tissue is lifted under the skin with sutures providing an immediate lifting and contouring effects. Secondly, the sutures made of bidirectional sculptra cones, stimulate collagen production, allowing for volume and filling effects to look firmer , plumper and more youthful over time. A traditional facelift does not address volume, only lifts skin. Before Instalift, at least two procedures would have been necessary to address both of these concerns. Now both can be address with one procedure with minimal downtime. Results last 18-24 months.*

WHAT IS THE RECOVERY? You will have some mild swelling, redness and bruising for a few days to a week after the procedure. The lifting effect will be instantly noticeable. We recommend using arnica gel after the treatment to minimize bruising and potential swelling. There is no need for pain medication except maybe over the counter tylenol. We recommend no heavy physical activity or contact sports for 1 week after the treatment.*

WHAT IS THE COST? Cost varies depending on number of sutures and areas required for treatment, but average $3200-$4200

              * Individual results may vary

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