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Renuvion/J-Plasma Body Contouring

Renuvion/J-Plasma has 2 main uses:

1) Subdermal coagulation to tighten skin on neck and body
2) Skin resurfacing for face for wrinkles and scars

Each process uses a different mechanism with different recovery processes below.


What is RENUVION ?
Renuvion represents a paradigm advancement in cosmetic surgery utilizing cold atmosphere plasma under the skin to IMMEDIATELY TIGHTEN and rejuvenate the skin on the face and body (Subdermal coagulation). An alternative for many individuals to tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), necklifts, arm lifts and body contouring for individuals with loose skin, all performed through tiny poke hole incisions under local anesthesia. This provides much quicker recovery times (1-2 days), avoids complications performed by other cosmetic surgical options and all performed without leaving long disfiguring & unsightly scars. It can be done as a stand alone procedure or used in combination adjunct with liposuction for individuals with loose skin. It causes skin tightening and body contouring improvements that were once unobtainable.

How Does Renuvion energy work better than traditional laser energy?
Cold Plasma is created when a helium gas is energized by radiofrequency to provide much more precise and powerful energy though the J-plasma handpiece. Because Helium gas is very stable it can be ionized at very low energy levels providing precise and safe delivery. Because cold plasma is cooler than laser energy it provides less damage to the surrounding unintended treated tissue for a safe a quicker recovery than lasers, ultrasound and radiofrequency devices currently used in cosmetic surgery. Results can be seen immediately then at 1-2 weeks after the initial swelling subsides. Then can be very dramatic by 1 month and continue to improve over the next 3-6 months as collagen continues to build and improve.*

J-Plasma can be done anywhere on the body that there is loose skin. It is most commonly performed on the neck, abdomen, flanks, upper arms, inner thighs & back skin bulge under the bra. For women who have loose skin post pregnancy or excessive weight loss where liposuction is not enough and a tummy tuck is not desired.

Because J -Plasma is extremely safe and effective. It uses precise energy at lower temperatures it will not burn skin like other forms of energy used in cosmetic medicine. Very few complications have been reported to date. Helium energy allows for shorter treatment times with reproducible and quicker immediate results.

If done in conjunction with liposuction there is no additional recovery time, typically 1-2 days followed by 1 week of possible bruising & swelling. Most people return to work 2 days later, with minimal need for any pain medicine, usually only over the counter Tylenol.

Cold atmospheric plasma has been well-studied in the scientific community for its unique ability to preferentially destroy different types of cancer and bacterial cells. The plasma energy from J-Plasma results in charged particles, reactive species and high electric fields that can act individually and synergistically on biological cells. It has been routinely used in Cardiac and Thoracic surgery, GYN oncology, colorectal and orthopedic spine surgeries.

Not to be confused with renuvion body contouring, but it uses the same physics laws and principals that plasma is the fourth state of matter. Matter forms solids--->liquids---> gas, then Plasma energy. (Completely different and NOT the same plasma in your blood  treatments). Plasma energy is able to provide a much higher degree of tightening and resurfacing than traditional laser CO2 treatments. A helium molecule is energized and able to produce much more energy with precision to affect ONLY the intended tissue. This is a paradigm shift in cosmetic medicine that now allows use to do BOTH skin TIGHTENING and RESURFACING with one modality.

* Individual Results May Vary

Photos Courtesy Bovie Medical

In general we say 2-3 weeks for recovery time and strict sun avoidance for 2-3 months post procedure. Potential candidates should have lighter skin tones and we may pre treat with bleaching cream to avoid possible hyperpigmentation. After a treatment facial skin will be red and peels and crusts for the first week. You will be required to place Aquaphor (Vaseline) or a topical solution. After 2 weeks the skin looks pink and smooth with less blemishes. At this time light make up can be applied.

Renuvion & Lipo 1 Week Before/After By Drew Varano MD

Lower Face and Neck 3 Months After Treatment
J plasma/Renuvion neck
Treatment by Drew Varano MD
Neck 2 Weeks After Treatment
Treatment by Drew Varano MD
Renuvion 1 Month After Upper Abdomen by Drew Varano MD

Renuvion for Bra Back Roll 2 months Before/After Treatment by Drew Varano MD

Renuvion/Lipo Before &
1 Month After Treatment by Drew Varano MD
Lipo/Renuvion combo 2 months after upper & flanks (lower abdomen treated first)
Treatment by Drew Varano MD

Renuvion and Lipo Before and 1 Month After*

Treatment by Drew Varano MD
Renuvion/J plasma DRew Varano MD
Treatment by Drew Varano MD
Renuvion/J plasma Drew Varano MD
Treatment by Drew Varano MD
Lovehandles Renuvion/J plasma Drew Varano MD
Treatment by Drew Varano MD

* Individual Results May Vary

20 second before & After pinch test showing skin tightening effects of Renuvion treatment by Drew Varano MD*

Renuvion/ J plasma treatment by Dr Varano
Renuvion treatment by Dr Varano pictured in Video above*

Videos on Renuvion Treatments*

*individual results may vary

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