Drew Varano, MD

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J-Plasma Skin Resurfacing

WHAT is J-PLASMA SKIN RESURFACING? Not to be confused with J-Plasma body contouring, but it uses the same physics laws and principals that plasma is the fourth state of matter. Matter forms solids--->liquids---> gas, then Plasma. (Completely different and NOT the same plasma in your blood or PRP treatments). Plasma energy is able to provide a much higher degree of tightening and resurfacing than traditional laser CO2 treatments.  A helium molecule is energized and able to produce much more energy with precision to affect ONLY the intended tissue. This is a paradigm shift in cosmetic medicine that now allows use to do BOTH skin TIGHTENING and RESURFACING with one modality.*

HOW IS IT PERFORMED? The helium energy produces incredible results on the outer most layer of the skin to peeling away revealing new skin that is tighter, fresher, more youthful without any incisions. It is all performed under local anesthesia in about 30-45 minutes without the possible side effects of general anesthesia. The procedure can only be performed on the face but can be combined with J-Plasma neck contouring for loose skin. We usually give an oral sedative medication, then 1 or 2 passes are applied to the entire face (or partial areas such as under eyes, around the mouth etc). A single treatment can last years.* 

WHAT IS THE RECOVERY? In general we say 2-3 weeks for recovery time and strict sun avoidance for 2-3 months post procedure. Potential candidates should have lighter skin tones and we may pre treat with bleaching cream to avoid possible hyperpigmentation. After a treatment facial skin will be red and peels and crusts for the first week. You will be required to place Aquaphor (Vaseline) or a topical solution. After 2 weeks the skin looks pink and smooth with less blemishes. At this time light make up can be applied. *

Video and photos pending, google or YouTube " J-plasma skin resurfacing" for more information

* Individual results may vary