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Is Post-Op Exercise Required after Having Laser Liposuction in Washington DC?

     Recent studies, performed by professionals at the University of Sao Paulo, have shown that post-op exercise after laser liposuction treatments can help keep you energized, healthy, and free of unwanted fat. This has been a debated topic for quite some time, but as the study shows, it may be best to exercise regularly following your laser liposuction in Washington DC treatment. Consulting with your laser liposuction Doctor about post-op exercise is the best bet. Ask your physician, first, about any recommendations for certain types of exercise. 

Laser liposuction in Washington DC is an amazing way to lose stubborn fat and even loose skin. However, these types of treatments are long lasting and effective when coupled with a great diet and exercise; a healthy lifestyle is always the best practice. The study done by the University of Sao Paulo showed that exercising after a laser liposuction treatment can actually decrease the chance of visceral fat growth. Visceral fat increases the chances of getting heart disease. The study also showed that a lack in energy may be apparent if exercise is not added to a person's weekly regimen. The University of Sao Paulo encourages laser liposuction patients to take part in post-op exercising activities.

As stated above, laser liposuction is a great procedure to have done if you would like a slimmer figure and with post-op exercise included, you can decrease the chances of visceral fat growth and a lack of energy. If you would like to know more about this study and what it means, talk with your laser liposuction in Washington DC specialist